– License Agreement

With Svghat Standard License, we want to make it easy for you to license our resources (products) for your projects appropriately.

  • The Svghat Standard License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of the digital work (product) you have selected. Read the rest of this license for the details that apply to your use of the Item.
  • You are licensed to use the Item to create unlimited End Products for yourself or for your clients and the End Product may be sold, licensed, sub-licensed.
– License Summary

You Can:

  • Use resources for personal uses and for client projects (commercial use).
  • Use resources in multiple projects.
  • Use resources to create one end product for sale (500 units max per one item)

    An End product for sale is a digital or physical item intended for sale to more than a single person. E.g. You purchase a vector item and print it on t-shirts that you sell to multiple people and if your product will sell more than 500 unit, you should purchase this item alone or with any image pack to use it again, so each more 500 unit should purchase the item again.

  • You may modify or manipulate the Item. You may combine the Item with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting works are subject to the terms of this license.
  • Using the SVG file in a physical end product for sale (ex. T-shirts, Mugs, Wall Art, Drinkware, etc.)

You Can’t:

  • Resell resources as stock images or digital downloads.
  • Redistribute, sublicense, or share resources with any third party.
  • Embed on 3rd party servers or platforms.
  • Include resources in a wider design/product where the resources can be extracted in its original form.

    E.g.: Include a vector illustration in a design for sale where the illustration can be extracted as a vector element by new customers.

  • Offer any purchased resources for free on your site or social page or whatever you offer it for free, you can’t do that.
  • You may not share, resell or distribute this file (even if altered)
  • You may not resell as part of clip art or digital paper set
  • Licenses are non-transferable. You also may not share your license with anyone else.

Please note:

Svghat.com is not responsible for trademark violations if you purchase the commercial license. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check each phrase for new trademarks before selling it in the “category” in which it is being sold.

If you have any questions related to our license, feel free to Contact Us.